M&S Waste Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.) Why did you miss my trash today?
1.) Your trash was not out the night before
2.) A national holiday prevented pickup do to the closing of the local landfill
3.) Due to inclement weather we were unable to service your road today
4.)Your quarterly bill is past due, and service has been temporarily stopped.
Please call our office when this occurs so we may respond with the correct explanation.
2.) How often are my private residential pickups?
Most privately-serviced homes are two pickups per week (except if your pickup falls on a recognized holiday)
3.) Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards excluding American Express.
4.) Which holidays do you observe?
Private collection homes can view our holiday schedule on the back of your quarterly bill.
5.) Why is there are charge for large bulk items or extra amounts of trash?
Items such as furniture, appliances, rugs, etc. are not considered normal household trash volume and therefore an extra charge will be assessed. Extra residential trash will also be taken at a minor additional cost to cover the weight of the additional trash.
6.) Why cant you take certain items?
Certain items are banned from the Monmouth County Reclamation Center. Some of these items include: paint, motor oil, leaves, grass, tires, stumps, dirt, rocks, concrete, and all types of hazardous waste.
7.) What happens if there is no pickup on my commercial container?
1.) Your container was blocked by a car or other item and you will have to call for a re-scheduled pickup when it is clear.
2.) You have items in your trash container that are not permitted and must be evacuated before a pickup can be made.
3.) Your monthly bill is past due, and service has been temporarily stopped. Please call our office at (732) 471-8900.
4.) Trash may be mixed with your recycling or recycling with trash and a contaminated load is visible. Please call our office at (732) 471-8900.
8.) If I forgot to put out my trash THE NIGHT BEFORE, can you come back another day and pick it up?
There are many times that we are able to come back, depending on your location. Most likely if you have twice weekly pickup, a double pickup will be made on the next pickup. Please make sure that all trash is put out the night before to ensure that your pickup will be made. Please call our office at (732)471-8900 for arrangements.
9.) Will you pick up old appliances?
Yes, we will pickup old appliances and additional bulk items at additional cost. Call our office to arrange this service.
10.) My trash can is dirty, broken or cracked. Can I receive a new one?
M&S Waste furnished trash cans are very expensive. Each home is assigned one can for their personal trash services. It is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain the can and keep it clean and functioning. If a can is cracked or broken due to unexplainable occurrences, M&S will do everything possible to repair or replace the can. Sometimes you may be placed on a list if your particular type of can is not yet available. Please remember that M&S WASTE OWNS THESE CANS AND YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DEFACEMENT OR LOSS OF CAN.