M&S Waste Services Residential Services
M&S Waste Services Residential Services

Customer Extra Bag Stickers

M&S Waste is making your life a bit easier!

All M&S Waste Services customers can now purchase stickers to place on your additional trash bags.

Extra bag stickers are available for purchase through our website or
via telephone order at 732-471-8900.

Stickers may be purchased using personal checks, PayPal, or phoned-in credit card payment.

Stickers must be purchased in sheets. They are offered five (5) stickers to a sheet.

Price of stickers is $14.75 per sheet, or $2.95 per sticker. Stickers will be mailed to customers upon payment.

The following rules apply:

  • Place additional bags curbside the night before pickup.
  • Each bag placed outside of the cart must have a sticker affixed to it in a location visible to the driver from the street.
  • Loop stickers around top of bag.
  • Bags may not exceed 40 lbs in weight.
  • Absolutely no rocks, dirt, cement, or construction debris of any kind in extra bags.
  • Stickers may not be used to dispose of recycling items or grass.
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